Our charter flights are based on an hourly rate of $3,150 per flight hour with 12 minutes added per flight segment to cover taxi out and taxi in time. A variable, hourly fuel surcharge is currently added to our invoice based on the current fuel rates we pay.

We request that all reservations average two flight hours per day that you have the aircraft in service and that each single leg is a minimum of one hour (time spent positioning is included). For FY 2008 we are required to add Federal Excise Tax of 7.5% and a passenger segment fee of $3.50 per passenger per leg (only catering is exempt from Federal Excise Tax) to your invoice.

AirExcellence takes pride in giving you the full range of potential charges up-front. A ten percent surcharge for special food, drink, limousine or other concierge services may be added to your invoice as appropriate. We invoice such items as landing fees, ramp fees, deicing costs or international charges to you at our cost for these services.

All billing is checked for accuracy before we send it to you.